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Establish a solid foundation on managing sales tax for your business

Trust us—you are not alone if you feel confused and overwhelmed by the mere mention of sales tax, and all that it involves. Even though most U.S. businesses are required to collect and remit sales tax, few understand all the rules or how to comply.

Economic nexus. Exemption certificates. Sourcing rules.

If reading those terms made your head spin, don’t miss our upcoming webinar, Sales tax 101: A beginner’s guide. In just one hour, Matt Hammond will review the most important topics businesses need to understand about sales tax, including:

  • How to accurately calculate sales tax rates (and how not to)
  • What economic nexus is and how it impacts your tax obligations across state lines
  • How to scale the tax returns process
  • When a business must collect exemption certificates

Join us for an opportunity to learn more about how to efficiently manage sales tax for your business. Register today for Sales tax 101: A beginner’s guide.

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Matthew Hammond 
National Sales Manager at Avalara

Matt joined Avalara in 2014 as a sales associate. He is now a national sales manager and focuses on helping small businesses understand and simplify sales tax requirements through automation. Matt lives in Raleigh and holds a degree in Human Relations from High Point University.