Sales tax 101: A beginner’s guide

Video: Learn the basics of sales tax management and how to make compliance easier.

Establish a solid foundation to manage sales tax for your business

As your business grows, you experience a lot of firsts: your first online sale, your first customer in a new state or country, your first employee, storing inventory in new locations, and more. As exciting as it all is, each of these experiences can create sales tax obligations.

Economic nexus. Exemption certificates. Sourcing rules. Licenses and registrations.

You’re not alone if you feel confused and overwhelmed by these terms and all the rules and regulations surrounding sales tax. Get a leg up on how to determine your sales tax obligations in our webinar, Sales tax 101: A beginner’s guide. We’ll review the basics of tax compliance and the most important topics growing businesses like yours need to know.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips to determine where and you have sales tax obligations
  • Steps to accurately calculate sales tax rates
  • Resources to keep up with legislative updates and rate or rule changes
  • Recommendations for how to scale the tax returns process
  • Rules for when a business must collect exemption certificates