Sales tax 101: A beginner’s guide

Video: Learn the basics of sales tax compliance.

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Establish a solid foundation to manage sales tax for your business

Economic nexus. Exemption certificates. Sourcing rules.

If those words leave you feeling confused, you’re not alone. Even though most U.S. businesses are required to collect and remit sales tax, few understand all the rules or how to comply.

Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of what you must know about sales tax and compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips to determine where and when you have sales tax obligations
  • Steps to accurately calculate sales tax rates
  • Resources to keep up with legislative updates and rate or rule changes
  • Recommendations for scaling the tax returns process
  • Rules about exemption certificates

Meet the speaker

Hans Olson

Senior Sales Executive, Avalara 

Hans joined Avalara in 2013 and has helped over 450 companies identify gaps in their sales and use tax processes and implement automated solutions to bridge those gaps to full compliance within their ERP, POS, and ecommerce platforms.

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