Mastering e-invoicing implementation: Lessons from the leaders

Discover the latest survey findings

Mastering e-invoicing implementation: Lessons from the leaders

Hosted by sharedserviceslink and Avalara, this webinar delves into the latest survey findings that shed light on the key challenges and pitfalls encountered during e-invoicing projects. From implementation hurdles to integration complexities, we’ve got you covered.

Watch now to learn more about:

  • Typical challenges of e-invoicing implementation projects
  • The obvious and not-so-obvious mistakes in early stages of implementation
  • The reasons e-invoicing programs are often more time-consuming than expected
  • To what extent companies are employing additional resources (e.g. external advisors, extra staff) to complete implementations
  • What to know about integrating with other systems to avoid common pitfalls

About the speakers

Alex Baulf

Vice President, E-Invoicing and Live Reporting, Avalara 

Alex leads on e-invoicing at Avalara and specialises in analysing changing global indirect compliance requirements and advising on impact assessment and change management. Alex is also a member of the European Commission’s eInvoicing Technical Advisory Group and the board of the Digital Business Networks Alliance in the U.S.

Sarah Fane

Head of Content, sharedserviceslink

Sarah has been conducting original research and producing reports and articles for finance, tax, and shared services professionals for over 10 years.

Discover the latest survey findings