Overcoming tax compliance hurdles within your small business

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Unlocking growth potential by mastering tax compliance

Join experts from Avalara and Aberdeen as they explore the tax compliance landscape for emerging small businesses (ESBs) as well as strategies to help you streamline tax management and position yourself as a best-in-class company.

We discuss:

  • Recent results from a survey of ESBs with less than $5 million in revenue about their tax management landscape
  • The top three challenges and fears ESBs face with tax compliance
  • The most common reasons 70% of ESBs have failed an audit
  • Why best-in-class ESBs are 38% more prepared for global sales growth
  • Strategies to help you drive success and growth within your business

Meet the speakers

Sarah Clayton

Senior Research Analyst, Aberdeen

Matt Pasquale

Senior Manager of Sales, Avalara

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