Understanding sales tax for online marketplaces

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Tax requirements for marketplace platforms and the sellers that use them

Using online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and Facebook has become a popular way for businesses to quickly attract new customers and increase sales. But with the rise in online marketplace sales also comes new tax obligations — both for marketplace facilitators and marketplace sellers.

Hear our tax experts break down the tax obligations for both marketplace platforms and the sellers that use them. 

We cover topics like:

  • Recent trends in marketplaces and their impact across multiple industries and tax types
  • Why the expansion of marketplace facilitator laws has heightened compliance responsibilities for marketplaces 
  • How marketplace sales impact sales tax nexus, registration, and filing obligations
  • The complexities of serving a global customer base and who’s on the hook for these taxes

About the speakers

Scott Peterson

Vice President of Government Relations, Avalara

Scott spent 10 years as director of the South Dakota Sales Tax Division and 12 years providing research and legal writing for the South Dakota Legislature. He was the first executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. 

George Trantas

Senior Director of Global Marketplaces, Avalara

George oversees the business development operations strategy for Avalara’s global online marketplace business. Prior to Avalara, he was Vice President of Client Success Commerce Services at Pitney Bowes. He also spent more than four years at eBay where he supported the logistics, motor parts, and emerging verticals business units.

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