5 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy Store

Your store is all set up and you’re sure your handmade products will be a hit.

You launch! And then, nothing.

Of course, selling on Etsy is a great way to work on your craft and turn a profit in the process. It puts your work in front of people who are ready to buy.

But here’s the catch: It’s not that simple.

Competition on Etsy is quite tough. There are many sellers also hoping to get attention to their products.

You need traffic to your store. Without people looking at your Etsy listings, you won’t get sales.

Here are five tactics that’ll help you get more traffic to your Etsy store.

1. Get found on the Etsy search engine

To get people to your store, the single most important idea you have to grasp is that Etsy in itself is a huge search engine.

Say you’re selling leather-bound notebooks. When prospective buyers type “leather-bound notebooks” into the search bar on Etsy, does your product listing appear on the first page?

The higher your products show up in searches, the more people get to your store and actually make a purchase.

Learn how to use Etsy’s seller tools and techniques like keyword research and competitor research to optimize your store for the Etsy search engine. There are loads to learn in the art of optimizing your store and listings for the search engine. Check out the Etsy Seller Handbook and helpful search engine optimization (SEO) posts from TrustFile Avalara to brush up on SEO knowledge.

2. Dress up your storefront

There are thousands of shops on Etsy and you need to stand out; not only to get more traffic in but to keep visitors coming back.

The key to this is to have a detailed, thorough, and visually appealing shop.

Photos are the lifeline of online shops like Etsy. Buyers love photos that show off the product’s best feature. If it’s something that can be worn, make sure you have a model photographed wearing it. As much as possible, be consistent with your photos. Using a backdrop like a solid colored cloth or foam board is a quick fix.

Don’t overlook seemingly small details like your shop’s "About" page and your store's policies. Make sure your policies are reasonable, especially your returns and exchange rules. Make this section interesting. Just because they’re “fine print” they have to be bland.

3. Kick it up on social media

Set up profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Use beautiful photos of your products and your creative process. Online buyers love seeing how products are made and what they’re made of. Feature raw materials and other components of your works in progress.

Establish a standard routine. You should try an approach like 5-10-5 where you post five photos, follow ten profiles, and share five posts daily.

Of course, use hashtags so your audience can find you easily. Good ones to use are the #wip hashtag for works in progress, and #handmade for process photos. Research your competitors and the most popular profiles in your niche for the most effective hashtags.

4. Start a blog

Don’t be afraid to get self-promotional. A blog is another venue for you talk about your products and let your audience in on the creator behind the products and a bit deeper into your creative process.

Link to your product listings where possible. Having relevant links pointing to your Etsy store improves your chances of getting found on Etsy. Of course, only link when the content is relevant -- don’t overdo it.

5. Be known in your niche

Aside from marketing to your direct audience, there is a lot to gain in networking with other creators and brands in your niche.

Look up sites that welcome guest posts. There’s also no harm in asking websites if they’d be open for a guest author to write an article for their site. Make sure that your pitch isn’t all self-promotion.

For example, if you’re selling hats, maybe you can pitch a step-by-step guide on hat-making. Make it pretty and full of photos. You can include a link to your store. Share that you have handmade products in case the readers would rather buy than make.

Never buy a link or engage in spammy and black hat techniques. You’re not only wasting money. You could also be penalized for it and lose all the fruits of your hard work.

Selling on Etsy is a marathon, not a sprint. Be diligent in marketing and improving your store. Dedicated Etsy sellers who are open to learning and applying lessons to their store are those who get good traffic.

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