Missouri Streamlines Processes Utilizing Avalara’s Online Sales and Use Tax Rate Map

SEATTLE, WA — July 18, 2023 — Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses of all sizes, today announced that the state of Missouri has leveraged Avalara Tax Research to power the state’s publicly available online sales and use tax rate map. With Avalara, Missouri provides access to current sales and use tax rates as well as special item taxes like food, domestic utilities, and more in the state.

"With more than 2,000 sales and use tax jurisdictions in the state, having a single source of truth for tax information as it changes is a tremendous value-add to businesses selling in Missouri,” said Laci Haymart, Manager at the Missouri Department of Revenue. “Avalara makes it easy for our state to keep track of historical changes over time and allow us to provide businesses with real-time access to tax rates with address-level accuracy.”

Missouri allows cities, counties, and other local governments to administer and establish their own sales tax rates and rules. The breadth of tax jurisdictions, rates, and rules can create challenges for businesses when determining sales tax rates and keeping up with rate and taxability rules as they change.

To make tax information readily available to businesses, Missouri adopted Avalara Tax Research, which is a self-service tax management tool that leverages geographic information system (GIS) technology to provide sales and use tax rates and thoroughly researched and verified tax information.

Using Avalara Tax Research, Missouri benefits from having businesses apply more accurate sales tax calculations. Compatible with popular map-based apps, like Google Maps, Avalara Tax Research compares addresses with tax boundary information, including statutory regulations and local ordinances,  to increase the accuracy of the applicable rate choices and visibility into other applicable taxes."

With Avalara Tax Research, Missouri regulators can better communicate with one another on information related to boundaries, rates, rules, and traceability. Additionally, the unified, consistent portal for all tax information enables Missouri to easily keep track of ordinances, rules, taxability information, and proposed tax changes in an online library of historical information.

“Avalara has spent nearly 20 years building a leading repository of tax compliance content consisting of rates, rules, and forms which powers all of our solutions and the tax determinations we make for our customers,” said Jayme Fishman, EVP and GM of Indirect Tax at Avalara. “Using the best in artificial intelligence, automation, and a team of highly trained experts, we can source and validate tax data efficiently. The increased accuracy and timeliness of our tax content makes Avalara a source of truth that businesses and governments alike can rely on for tax decisions.”

Access the Missouri Sales and Use Tax Lookup here. For additional information on Avalara Tax Research, please click here.

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