Sales tax calculations delivered to every City Wide franchise

City Wide and Avalara

City Wide has partnered with Avalara to help simplify and improve the accuracy of sales tax calculations for franchises across the company. Managing sales tax is complex and time-consuming, and if not done accurately can lead to costly audits, penalties, and fines. To ensure all franchisees have accurate and up-to-date sales tax rates on all invoices, City Wide partnered with Avalara to deploy Avalara AvaTax across all franchises. 

The resources and FAQs below provide more details on Avalara AvaTax, your responsibilities as a City Wide franchisee, and helpful information on understanding sales tax.

The basics of Avalara

Who is Avalara?

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes get sales tax right. With solutions for sales tax calculations, returns filing and remittance, and exemption certificate management, Avalara helps manage sales tax compliance end to end.

What does Avalara AvaTax do?

AvaTax delivers sales and use tax calculations within your existing business application at the time of checkout or billing in real time. Moving forward, all sales tax calculations for franchisees will be calculated with AvaTax so you won’t have to worry about determining the correct tax rates.

Why are we using AvaTax?

City Wide implemented AvaTax across all franchisees to lessen the complexity of sales tax for individual franchises, support consistency, and ensure sales tax calculations are more accurate for the entire organization.

Frequently asked questions from City Wide franchise owners

City Wide home office handles the initial setup of your Avalara account and will serve as a liaison with Avalara for general service and administration. Individual franchisees are responsible for understanding their unique sales tax rules based on their franchisee locations and must continue to file and remit taxes to the appropriate jurisdictions. City Wide franchisees can engage directly with Avalara for filing and remittance and should contact Monica Jones at to learn more about filing options.

First, you need to register to collect and remit sales tax in the new jurisdiction. Then contact City Wide home office with the new registration number and documentation for your new sales tax obligation. City Wide will set up the new jurisdiction within your Avalara account based on information provided by the franchisee. If you want assistance with registering, Avalara Licensing can help.

For questions regarding your Avalara account setup, general information, and AvaTax usage, contact at the City Wide home office. If you’re interested in using additional Avalara solutions to manage additional aspects of sales tax compliance, contact Monica Thomas at

Using AvaTax for sales tax calculation and rate maintenance is required for all franchisees. Using additional services from Avalara for sales tax filing and remittance is an elective service. Contact Monica Jones directly if you’re interested in learning more about additional Avalara services.

Sales tax resources

Managing sales tax is complex. Use the resources below to stay up to date.

Sales tax laws by state

When it comes to sales tax laws, no two states are alike. Keeping individual state laws straight when it comes to economic nexus laws vs. affiliate nexus laws vs. all the others can be tough. Avalara's state-by-state sales tax laws hub covers what laws apply in which state.

5 steps to managing sales tax

The world of sales tax can be confusing, but getting it right is crucial for success. Your sales tax obligations may change or expand as your business evolves, and there are typically five steps businesses must take to maintain compliance.

Understanding nexus

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires the seller to register, collect, and remit sales tax on sales made in the state. Make sure you understand what business activities may establish nexus and how they impact your sales tax obligations.

The City Wide home office will get you set up and started with Avalara AvaTax to handle sales tax calculation; however, there are a number of other sales tax tasks — including registering in new jurisdictions, filing and remitting your sales tax returns, and managing exemption documentation — that remain with you. If you’re interested in offloading any of these additional tasks to Avalara, please contact Monica Thomas at to learn about other Avalara services.

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