Business Licenses 101


75 minutes

Understanding your company’s business license compliance needs

Managing business licenses can be challenging. Nearly every business must obtain some type of license, permit, or tax registration and keep it current for each of their many locations. Like tax compliance, complex licensing requirements can vary distinctly by jurisdiction and industry. 

For instance, some companies only need one or two licenses or permits per location, while others must maintain more than 10 at each locale. Some licenses and permits are easily obtained with a quick form submission, while others demand companies jump through several hoops (such as notarization or proof of insurance). Business activities like opening, closing, or moving locations, changing names or ownership, or launching products can also trigger new licensing and registration requirements. 

On top of these complexities, municipalities are not responsible for alerting a company when ordinances, deadlines, fees, or penalties change, which means you must be proactive about managing your business licenses to stay compliant. 

Toward the end of 2020, Avalara acquired the assets of Business Licenses, LLC, a company that provides solutions for procuring and managing licenses and permits required for U.S. companies to open, conduct business, and grow. This acquisition allows us to better help businesses of every size manage and reduce regulatory complexity. 

In Business Licenses 101, we’ll unpack the compliance implications of licensing requirements and discuss our newly integrated solutions that can help you navigate them. Joining the webinar is Eric Feigenbaum, business development manager at Business Licenses by Avalara. Eric will help us understand the ins-and-outs of business license compliance and talk through best strategies for developing a proactive business license management process.

In this webinar, we’ll cover: 

  • What to expect from licensing authorities, especially as the economy emerges from COVID-19
  • Common mistakes companies make when they take a reactive approach to managing their business license portfolio
  • Tips for conducting comprehensive research on your license needs by location, including those hidden locations companies often forget to consider

Is your company’s business license management process keeping you compliant? Join us for this complimentary, informational event to learn about solutions for building a proactive business licenses strategy.

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About the panelists

Eric Feigenbaum
Business Development Manager, Business Licenses by Avalara

Eric Feigenbaum has been focused on business licensing product strategy for almost 10 years, was with Business Licenses, LLC for five before the company was acquired by Avalara, and is now part of the Avalara team. He’s had roles in product development, strategy, operations, and currently handles business development and sales support for Business Licenses by Avalara. Avalara License Management, Avalara License Guidance, and Avalara License Preparation are his primary areas of expertise. Eric has a degree in business from the University of Washington and has lived and worked in Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Bali.

John Sallese
Director Product Solution Engineering, Avalara

John has over 27 years of tax compliance and audit experience working at a Big 4 accounting firm, other Tax Software providers, and in private industry. He has advised in various roles, including tax consulting, marketing, implementation, and training. John’s previous responsibilities include senior director Tax Services, director Product Management, and manager of Implementations Services. His tax-specific industry experience includes retail, ecommerce, technology, manufacturing, and telecommunications.