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When and how businesses should outsource and automate tax compliance

Do you feel confident in your business’s ability to properly manage its sales tax obligations? With thousands of sales tax jurisdictions across the U.S. and state-by-state variability in rates and rules, it’s easy to miss an update that can mess with your compliance. That’s why many companies choose to automate their sales tax management to increase accuracy, reduce risk, and free up their teams to focus on actual revenue-generating activities.

If you’re considering sales tax automation or just want to learn about the possibilities, this on-demand webinar was made for you. An Avalara tax automation expert talks through what tax automation software offers and when’s the right time to pursue a solution for your business.

You’ll learn:

  • The top challenges of tax compliance that automation can solve
  • How to know when your business should pursue tax automation to maximize ROI
  • Tips to identify and implement the right automation software

The last thing you need to worry about is tax compliance when you have other bigger priorities. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of tax automation. 

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About the speakers

Diana Dibello
Product Solution Engineer at Avalara

Diana has spent over 25 years working with various industries in supporting the sales & use tax function. She has industry recognized expertise in the areas of tax technology, leasing, jurisdiction identification, tax processing, telecom, and property tax.

As a public speaker and author, Diana has developed numerous papers and presentations on the topic of taxation including articles for the Journal of Accountancy and the Journal of Multi-State Taxation.