How tax-exempt sellers can stay compliant in an omnichannel world

Tax-exempt sellers and omnichannel sales

Tax-exempt sellers such as manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers have been hit with a double whammy of tax complexity in the last few years. The Supreme Court’s June 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. decision and the resulting rise of economic nexus laws have exponentially increased the burden on businesses to manage exempt sales properly.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many manufacturers to accelerate their venture into online sales to make up for lost revenue, resulting in additional tax complexity. To help your business navigate these complicated circumstances, two experts from Avalara discuss some of the pain points tax-exempt sellers must deal with as they move into an omnichannel sales model. 

Watch Kael Kelly, general manager, Compliance Documents at Avalara, and Maria Tringali, senior solutions consultant at Avalara discuss:

  • The Wayfair decision's impact on tax-exempt sellers
  • COVID-19's effect on B2B/B2C transformation
  • Tax pain created by ramping up B2B/B2C online sales
  • Automation’s role in helping with tax compliance

Meet the panel:

Kael Kelly
General Manager, Compliance Documents, Avalara

Kael joined Avalara in 2012 and has served in leadership roles in marketing, customer acquisition, and strategic initiatives. Kael has 25 years of software and technology experience in industries ranging from telecommunications to internet to software as a service. He has worked across company growth stages, from the Fortune 500 to mid-market firms to start-ups in roles that include market research, product management, marketing, sales, and executive leadership.


Maria Tringali
Senior Solutions Consultant, Avalara 

Maria has been with Avalara since 2014 and is focused on training, educating, and supporting customers, prospective customers, sales teams, and partners on tax compliance requirements for B2B sellers. She’s passionate about improving the exempt customer experience and helping businesses improve upon and automate traditionally labor-intensive and risk-prone activities.


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