Unpacking economic nexus: Its impact 5 years later

Video: Learn how economic nexus continues to complicate sales tax obligations for businesses.

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Analyzing the evolution and consequences of the Wayfair decision

Watch our webinar commemorating the 5th anniversary of economic nexus. Discover how this pivotal concept has revolutionized the way companies manage sales tax and how they’ve adapted to the evolving economic landscape.

We discuss:

  • The history of economic nexus and key factors driving its adoption 
  • The impact of economic nexus on sales tax obligations for businesses of all sizes, especially ecommerce and marketplace sellers 
  • Variances in economic nexus thresholds at the state and local levels and tips for monitoring your sales volume 
  • Recent developments in nexus laws and how they may evolve in the future 
  • Lessons learned and best practices for navigating the complex world of tax compliance

Economic nexus continues to complicate tax requirements for most businesses. This is your chance to get and stay ahead.

Meet the speaker

Maria Tringali

Senior Solutions Consultant, Avalara

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