Unpacking communications tax compliance

Video: Unpacking communications tax compliance

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A better way to manage communications taxes

The rise of streaming services, IoT devices, and cloud computing has introduced a new set of communications services. And as a result, more states and local jurisdictions are collecting communications taxes on these technologies and enacting laws to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation. With communications tax, it can be challenging for companies to remain compliant and there is a perfect climate for the possibility of costly tax audits. But there are ways to protect your business from these risks.

In this webinar, we review:

  • The different types of communications taxes that you should know about
  • Why your company might be liable 
  • The common challenges associated with communications taxes  
  • The risks involved with communications taxes 
  • How Avalara AvaTax for Communications can help you manage communications taxes

About the speakers

Steve Lacoff

General Manager, Communications at Avalara

With a focus on data, VoIP, and video streaming, Steve has spent more than 15 years in various general management, product, and marketing leadership roles in communications and technology, including Disney’s streaming services and Comcast’s technology solutions. Steve now drives the overall Communications business unit strategy and regularly provides thought leadership on today’s changing industry landscape and associated tax impacts.

Toby Bargar

Senior Tax Strategist, Communications at Avalara

Toby regularly speaks about and advises customers on issues related to complex transaction tax, communications tax, and regulatory surcharges.

Cassandra Mosher

Product Manager, Communications at Avalara

Cassandra began as a tax research analyst and has since become the product manager for the Communications business unit.

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