AvaTax for Communications for Billing Platform

AvaTax for Communications and Billing Platform: Flexible Billing + Accurate Taxes

Communications service providers in need of a sophisticated billing solution need look no further: Billing Platform’s comprehensive, flexible solution lets companies bill, rate and price in virtually any format without the need for additional investments in hardware, software or IT resources. Easy-to-use and quick to implement, this dynamic enterprise billing platform makes it effortless to compete in the global economy.

Best of all, a direct integration with Avalara’s AvaTax for Communications means Billing Platform users never need worry that correct communications taxes are being applied. AvaTax streamlines the complexities of federal, state, and local communications taxes and fees to ensure the proper rates and rules are applied across all offerings and service jurisdictions.

Integration by: BillingPlatform

BillingPlatform.com is a flexible, high-volume, cloud-based billing platform capable of rating any combination of metered, subscription and ad-hoc services while managing customers and rate plans. With Billing Platform, providers can quickly and accurately implement any pricing model while rolling out new products and services in ways that rapidly turn ideas into cash.