The Ultimate Guide to Sales Tax Exemption Certificates


Achieving sales tax compliance in today’s complex environment is no easy feat. There are changing rates to calculate, evolving requirements to monitor and a wide array of sales tax exemption certificates to manage. Companies must handle every step correctly, and each one is riddled with potential pitfalls.

Unfortunately, properly documenting exemption and resale certificates can become incredibly complex when numerous states, entities and variables like nexus and drop shipments come into play—not to mention the challenges of properly storing certificates if your business still relies on paper-based filing systems. Thorough and accurate exemption certificate management requires input from various departments; tax analysts, credit managers and IT departments all play important roles in the process.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the correct certificates for various states and entities
  • Determine which exemption certificates to use in different transactions
  • Solicit the correct certificates in a timely and customer-friendly way
  • Automate manual and paper-based processes to streamline certificate management
  • Integrate exemptions certificates with other software and solutions
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