Sales tax compliance for marketplace facilitators and sellers

Using online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, and Walmart has become a popular way for businesses to quickly attract new customers and increase sales. But with the rise in online marketplace sales also comes new tax obligations — both for marketplace facilitators and marketplace sellers.

Forty-five states require marketplace facilitators to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of their third-party sellers. However, marketplace sellers are still responsible for reporting on their marketplace transactions and monitoring their marketplace sales for economic nexus.

Getting sales tax wrong can be costly. Tax experts Scott Peterson and George Trantas explain the basics of managing sales tax for marketplace sales.

You’ll learn:

  • Recent trends in marketplaces and their impact across multiple industries and tax types

  • Why the expansion of marketplace facilitator laws has heightened compliance responsibilities for marketplaces 

  • How marketplace sales impact nexus, registration, and filing obligations

  • The complexities of serving a global customer base and who’s on the hook for these taxes