Avalara Returns Excise for Tobacco

Signature-ready tax returns for e-cigarette excise taxes

Avalara Returns Excise for Tobacco generates signature-ready tobacco tax returns from e-cigarette transaction data, enabling automation of the filing process and ensuring tax compliance.

E-cigarette and vape wholesalers and retailers who have previously not needed to file and remit tobacco excise tax are now required to do so. With each state having its own unique tax rules, rates, and forms, the significant new administrative costs and compliance challenges faced by wholesalers and retailers can be overwhelming.

Why Automate e-Cigarette Excise Taxes with Avalara?

  • Signature-ready returns are prepared automatically.
  • By eliminating manual tasks in the tax filing process, productivity is improved and risk of audit liability is reduced.
  • Tax accuracy and updates to rules, rates, and forms are handled by Avalara. This eliminates the need to track tax changes.
  • By integrating directly with back-office systems, the need for time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets typically used in tax preparation is avoided.
  • Built-in workflow support automates approval processes, provides status visibility, and ensures filing deadlines are met. In addition, the Schedule Query Wizard feature makes it easy to create reports or extract tax data for analysis or audit support.
Improve tax filing productivity by automating the filing process and eliminating manual data collection and spreadsheets.
Reduce errors and ensure tax compliance with easy back-office integration, automatic data validation, and built-in tax rules, rates, and forms.

Tax automation by an industry leader

Returns Excise for Tobacco is powered by the same tax compliance engine utilized by the leading fuel tax automation solution: Returns Excise Enterprise. Over the years, tax professionals and taxing jurisdictions have both come to trust its ability to determine and file taxes reliably and accurately.

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