Avalara Exemption Certificate Management Pro

Improve efficiency and accuracy with end-to-end exemption certificate management automation

Avalara Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) Pro boosts compliance, simplifies workflows, and integrates seamlessly with expert support for businesses of all sizes.

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How it works

Collect and renew certificates

Increase efficiency with step-by-step collection emails automatically triggered by missing certificates or expiration dates.

Automate certificate validation

Help your customers fill out the right forms with optical character recognition (OCR) to identify errors, missing info, and tax ID number verification in supported states.

Store and retrieve exemption certificates

Improve access to documents with centralized, cloud-based storage for companywide visibility, enabling quick lookup and audit response.

Level up your exemption certificate compliance

Reduce your risk of inaccurate, invalid, and missing documents with sophisticated automation and verification tools.

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Increase certificate accuracy using OCR and AI validation tools at the time of collection.

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Track certificate expiration and proactively request new ones.

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Implement automated workflows to create efficiency and reduce errors.

Automate day-to-day tasks

Spend more time on revenue-generating projects while Avalara automation software handles day-to-day compliance tasks.

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Reduce the time required to collect, review, and manage certificates.

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Minimize the effort needed to track exemption rules and expiration dates.

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Offload research on tax laws and regulatory updates instead of relying on in-house resources.

Create a better customer experience

Make it simple for customers to upload certificates for a better overall purchase process.

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Avoid credits, rebills, order delays, and supply chain issues due to uncollected or incorrect certificates.

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Help customers select and complete the right form quickly and correctly.

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Automatically remind customers of upcoming expiration dates.

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Exemption Certificate Management Essentials

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Exemption Certificate Management Pro

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Exemption Certificate Management Premium

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SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 compliance

API and integrations available
Customer exemptions and certificate storage

Basic report creation 

Automated document validation with OCR 
Certificate collection campaign management 
Enhanced state tax ID number validation 
Integrated tax laws and exemption rules content 
Ecommerce module 
Exemption matrix 
Certificate storage 
Single sign-on 
Custom data fields, attachments, and comments  
Advanced search and reporting  
Advanced workflow features and customization  
Customized exempt regions and reasons  
Retail module  
Custom user roles  

Frequently asked questions

ECM Pro suits most of our customers, providing a robust set of tools to automate certificate collection (including missing documents and renewals) and verification, centralized management for easy access, automated document validation, and integrated tax laws and exemption rules content.

If you have fewer than 1,000 tax-exempt customers and straightforward tax scenarios, ECM Essentials could be right for you. If you have three or more employees managing tax compliance, multiple locations, the need to customize your forms and their use, or other complexities that require more customization, Avalara Exemption Certificate Management Premium is probably a better fit.

Yes. ECM Pro offers a collection campaign management feature that allows you to send an automated communication to your customers when certificates are getting ready to expire or if they’re missing or invalid. This is a “multi-touch” email campaign that will continue to request certificates until they’re received, saving your team time and effort.

As a business grows, the number of transactions and exemptions it handles can become overwhelming and very time-consuming. ECM Pro automates the exemption certificate management process to reduce the risk associated with manual errors, minimizes the need for manual data entry, and saves time. ECM Pro can help you handle an increasing number of exempt transactions without requiring additional resources so your business can focus on scale and growth, instead of worrying about compliance.

In addition to a direct integration with Avalara AvaTax, you can access a comprehensive set of APIs that can be used to integrate ECM Pro with various platforms and systems, including leading ecommerce platforms, ERPs, CRMs, and accounting systems. Avalara offers extensive support and developer resources to assist with the integration process.

Additionally, Avalara offers prebuilt integrations for many platforms, which can help accelerate the integration process and reduce the amount of custom development required.

Yes. ECM Pro uses a cloud-based solution to help you store, track, and manage exemption certificates across multiple locations in one place. A centralized cloud database allows companywide access to a single repository for easy, secure retrieval for both on-site and remote employees. Collect, validate, and store exemption certificates from your customers, regardless of their location, then associate these certificates with the appropriate location or jurisdiction, which allows you to apply the applicable tax treatment and rate to each transaction.

Yes. The Tax Exemption Resource Library database is the most robust on the market, with sales tax exemption forms; resale and SST certificates; and manufacturer, agricultural, and energy exemption certificates — all varying depending on state and locality. Our resource library contains detailed, regularly updated information about tax laws and regulations across different jurisdictions, making it easier and less time-intensive for businesses to keep track of changes in tax rules and regulations.

Absolutely. ECM Pro includes a module we call Exemption Certificate Management for Ecommerce that allows buyers to upload exemption certificates through our secure web portal (CertExpress) before or at the time of purchase from their customer account or an online shopping cart. ECM for Ecommerce allows new customers to get set up quickly with faster order completion.

ECM Pro is regularly updated with the latest tax rules and exemption certificate requirements, helping businesses comply with current laws and regulations, making it easier and less time-intensive to keep track of changes in tax rules and regulations.

Generally, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be audited but when. Often, if an auditor finds tax was not collected and there’s no exemption or resale certificate on file (or it’s invalid), they’ll assume the amount of tax NOT collected applies to all months in the audit period. The penalty could be the amount of sales tax not collected, plus a specified fine, multiplied by each month in the audit period. The cost of one missing certificate is compounded and can potentially result in a hefty financial fine. ECM Pro helps you collect certificates, keep up on certificate expirations, verify validity, and easily store and retrieve certificates during an audit.

ECM Pro provides the auto-validation tools needed to check certificates as they’re received and to request replacements for incorrect or invalid uploads. Additionally, ECM Pro uses CertExpress, taking the guesswork out of creating and completing exemption certificates. CertExpress asks for the exposure zone or region and reason for exemption, then provides the right form. CertExpress also helps the form creator fill it out, making sure unnecessary fields are grayed out and required fields are completed in the appropriate format. These tools reduce frustration and as a result, increase customer satisfaction and retention.

ECM Pro is SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 compliant and certified. SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 certifications are auditing procedures that ensure online data is secure and provide securely hosted services and operational practices, preserving client and end-user privacy. When considering a SaaS provider, a security-conscious business should require SOC 2 security compliance.

We have a solution called ECM Managed Services Pro. Our experts provide structured guidance through a shared support team to help you with troubleshooting, document uploads, certificate validation, and email campaigns for overall collection, including certificate renewal requests.

Streamline exemption compliance with ECM Pro

Learn how Avalara Exemption Certificate Management Pro can simplify your processes while reducing your risk.

Streamline exemption compliance with ECM Pro

Learn how Avalara Exemption Certificate Management Pro can simplify your processes while reducing your risk.