AvaTax for Smartbilling

Smartbilling and AvaTax for Communications: Simplify subscription billing and tax calculations

In this era of constant connectivity, telecom and internet companies have turned to innovation and expansion like never before. New communications services are being adopted as fast as they’re introduced. However, communications service providers often lack the software necessary to manage and invoice those services—let alone detangle the complex web of communications taxes for tens of thousands of taxing jurisdictions.

Smartbox's SmartBilling product provides a multilingual and multi-currency usage+subscription billing solution that simplifies and manages the subscription billing processes for telecommunications companies, and has the ability to consolidate usage from multiple sources into a single invoice. 

Although SmartBilling excels for invoicing telecom services and transactions, any type of product, service or usage can be managed, whether it is metered (water, gas, electricity, etc.), consumption based (telecom, internet, IoT, etc.) or transaction-based.

With the SmartBilling + Avalara integration, CSPs can easily maintain proper communications tax rates and rules in the same streamlined solution.  AvaTax for Communications takes subscription-based bills and usage transactions generated within Smartbilling software and applies the right federal, state and local taxes.  It also prepares the quarterly and annual FCC-compliance reporting of call details, saving tedious report preparation and substantially improving productivity.  Together, these services empower providers to innovate in ways that are both profitable and compliant.

SmartBilling also includes ‘lite’ versions of Compensation Management (Commissions), Opportunity Management (Leads) and Support Ticketing (CRM) functionality, although where appropriate, it can integrate with industry-leading applications that perform these functions (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)

SmartBilling also integrates with automated payment and EFT gateways, as well as many bank portals for pre-authorized payments to facilitate collection and to improve customer satisfaction.  Customers can pay their bill from their bank or credit card portal or their SmartBilling portal, where they can also get copies of their invoices and reports on their subscribed services and historical usage.


Integration by: Smartbilling

Smartbox Equipment Inc. is a Canadian research and development company focused on creating software solutions for usage+subscription billing and, telecommunications rating, and routing management.