Managed Returns for Accountants

Prepare and file your clients’ sales tax returns without shouldering the high cost and manual effort

Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants is a cloud-based tax returns solution designed for accounting firms

Businesses rely on your firm to manage sales tax accurately and on time, but the time and expense of filing and remittance across thousands of state and local tax jurisdictions is not always a profitable use of your resources.

Grow your practice with sales tax preparation and filing services using Avalara’s proven and reliable cloud-based solution and tax content. Your clients get all the benefit of a fully managed returns service while your firm offloads the time and manual effort of providing it.

Avalara has been a great partner in helping our firm serve our clients in ways that have historically been challenging. The ability to offer integrated tax calculation solutions across so many platforms makes Avalara our go-to sales tax solution.

Chris Vignone, CEO & Managing Director Business Advisory
     PM Business Advisors LLC


Keep to your core business

Give your clients the strategic consulting they really need and automate the tedious returns process with the same Avalara technology that handles over 2 million returns and prepares $36 billion for remittance annually. 

Offloading tax return preparation and filing also lets you focus on more profitable tax advisory and consulting services to help your clients grow their businesses.

Catch vendor errors before they become liability
Keep people focused on the right kinds of tasks


Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants extends your service and expertise

Gain access to Avalara’s cloud-based console with a comprehensive tax content database. All the rates, forms, and filing requirements you need are built into the service, which we regularly update. The solution helps you manage the filing process for all of your clients and their returns from a single console. 

Once you approve the liability worksheet on behalf of your clients, your prep work is done. Avalara takes care of the filing and remittance and can handle any related tax notice management if requested.

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Features and benefits

Supports clients with an easy-to-use dashboard

Manage the filing process for all your clients and their returns from a single dashboard. There’s no need to manage multiple spreadsheets or sign in to multiple systems or state websites. Everything is managed through one cloud-based system.

Automatically tracks state and local jurisdiction filing requirements

Managed Returns for Accountants automatically prepares tax returns based on the appropriate government forms and state and local requirements, eliminating the need to navigate multiple department of revenue sites.

Remits payments on your clients’ behalf

When it’s time to work with departments of revenue, we’ve got you covered. Once you approve a tax liability worksheet for your clients, we’ll handle the filing, payment, and related notice management (at your request) on behalf of your clients and keep you up to date on filing status.

Allows staff to work remotely

As a cloud-based solution, your staff can manage your clients’ sales tax returns from any location, keeping your business nimble and efficient.

Flexible dashboard suits your workflow

Managed Returns for Accountants provides a dashboard designed for accountant workflow, with customizable, multi-client views.

Supports omnichannel data imports

Managed Returns for Accountants provides robust data import functions to easily aggregate client sales information from multiple channels and marketplaces.


Once a filing calendar is set up for your client, Managed Returns for Accountants has the information needed to manage filing operations. Simply import your client’s transactions and use the liability worksheet to review and reconcile. After you approve the worksheet, your client’s return is ready to file.

The solution covers sales and use tax forms for all state and local U.S. jurisdictions and Canada.

Yes. When available, returns are filed directly with the government electronically by Avalara, eliminating the need to spend time mailing paper returns or navigating government filing sites.

Tax remittance is done with a single secure transfer from your client’s bank account to the Avalara Treasury account, then disbursed on your client’s behalf to each jurisdiction. This simplifies payment for the client without putting your firm in the funds management business.

Yes. At your firm’s discretion, Avalara will review applicable tax notices and work directly with the government until they’re resolved.

Your clients don’t need to purchase or use Avalara software. A firm using Managed Returns for Accountants can import client data, whether from Avalara AvaTax or other external sources.

Yes. Avalara provides formal training and a certification program as part of the solution to enable firms to fully support their clients’ returns.

Avalara offers tier-level pricing, based on a firm's initial subscription commitment.

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