Avalara Property Tax for Accountants

Just about every company has to deal with property tax bills at some point; whether it’s real or personal property, the tax man cometh. 

Now you can help alleviate the burden of property tax compliance management for your clients, and set yourself up for valuable appeals work with the newly launched Avalara Property Tax for Accountants. It can help you build a robust, convenient property tax service offering for clients without adding a lot of extra work for your firm. 

Should your firm be managing property tax? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading to find out:

  1. How property tax services can benefit your practice

  2. What property tax software does

How property tax services can benefit your practice

Property tax is difficult to navigate, especially for businesses with property in multiple jurisdictions. By managing property tax on behalf of your client, you extend your relationship and become a more valuable partner. This recurring work can also create a regular revenue stream for your firm or practice.

You can also use property tax management as a jumping-off point to build a lucrative property tax appeals advisory business. You’ll already have your clients’ property tax data and documents; you can use that centralized information on file to identify opportunities for submitting and managing appeals.

What property tax software does

Property tax compliance is complex: It’s largely paper-based, demands tracking multiple deadlines, and is required in all 50 states, across thousands of jurisdictions. Without the right software in place, taking over compliance management from clients can be onerous or even untenable for many accounting firms. 

Property tax management software should centralize real and personal property tax compliance for clients across bills, documents, assessments, due dates, forms, return prep, and appeals in one secure hub. For instance, Avalara Property Tax for Accountants includes features like:

  • Automated data entry for critical assessment notices and tax bill document management
  • Validation of scanned or extracted data, which is appended to the client’s account
  • Data aggregation to help you manage extensive client information in one system
  • Report creation and analytics for visibility into a client’s complete property tax management cycle

Automation helps you save time on day-to-day tasks while reducing human error. It minimizes administrative work, maximizes accuracy, and helps append property tax documents to tax bill payments so you can efficiently scale a property tax line of business.

By automating the tasks associated with managing property tax, you can take on more work with a higher profit margin, and your client can rest easy knowing their property tax compliance is in good hands. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Is Avalara Property Tax for Accountants right for your firm?

If you want to expand your firm’s offerings, build better client relationships, or otherwise scale your practice, property tax services are a great way to strengthen your business. And if your firm will manage more than 250 property tax returns for multiple clients, Avalara Property Tax for Accountants is a great tool to help you do that successfully.

The automation and programmatic capabilities of Avalara Property Tax for Accountants allows you to establish property tax services without dramatically increasing headcount or burning out your current employees.

If you think Avalara Property Tax for Accountants may be right for you, contact us for a demo today.

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