Configure One Concept Product Configurator

Configure One Concept Product Configurator and Avalara AvaTax: Streamline Sales Tax Accuracy in the Manufacturing Industry

Platform: Configure One

Configure One Concept Product Configurator helps enterprise software companies. Its web-based product configurator software is simple to use yet powerful enough to offer flexibility in today's complex sales and manufacturing environments. Customers increase sales while reducing costs by automating much of the sales, order entry, and engineering processes.

Yet sales tax calculation remains a time-consuming and error-prone process for many businesses. Manually tracking down the sales tax rates and rules in all jurisdictions where collection is required is frustrating, at best.

Fortunately, Configure One and Avalara AvaTax have partnered to offer sales tax automation within enterprise product configurator software. Sales tax is calculated with the rooftop-level accuracy only available through precise geo-spatial mapping. Learn more about Avalara AvaTax: call today to schedule a live demonstration.

Configure One Enterprise Product Configurator Integration by: Configure One, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Configure One is a leader in providing enterprise product configurator software that specifically focuses on the needs of manufacturing companies of any size. A veteran-owned business, all founders are involved with the day-to-day business operations. Over the past three years, Configure One has grown substantially in both the United States and Europe.


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