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Idaho’s Grocery Tax Credit Refund

  • Feb 5, 2016 | Gail Cole

 Idaho offers a grocery tax credit refund.

Food is subject to sales tax in Idaho. However, many taxpayers qualify for a grocery tax credit refund to offset the sales tax they paid on groceries. For most taxpayers, it averages $100 per person. Residents aged 65 or older receive an additional $20.

Idaho residents who file an Idaho income tax return should claim the grocery credit refund on Form 40 or Form 43 (Form 24 for those aged 65 or older).

Idaho residents who did not make enough money in 2015 to file an income tax return may be eligible for the grocery tax credit refund. These taxpayers should use a separate form claim the credit; options are available from the Idaho State Tax Commission.

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Gail Cole
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