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Avalara's Communication Unit Bolsters Regulatory Filing Relationships

  • Dec 19, 2017 | Avalara

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As of January 31, 2018, Avalara's Returns for Communications service will start providing referrals to regulatory experts with whom it has long-standing relationships for the most complex federal regulatory reporting and compliance. These referrals apply specifically to FCC form 499 and FCC form 477, two federal returns that Avalara's services previously managed. Avalara's Returns for Communications service will continue to calculate and file all transactional tax returns, as well as state regulatory forms.

We are fully committed to providing excellent service to our customers and are confident that this provides the best of both worlds in transactional tax and federal regulatory expertise. 

More expertise. Better service.

Transactional tax compliance is not the same as regulatory compliance. It involves a different set of laws, regulations, rules, and case laws. We are experts in telecom transactional taxes. However, just like sometimes you need to see a specialist in the medical field to ensure that you receive the absolute highest standard of care, in this case we feel that your interests are best served by having a telecom regulatory compliance expert handle these incredibly complex forms.

Going forward for both existing and new customers, we will make introductions, ensure that your transactional data is collected accurately, and make it simple to provide your data. We'll also make sure the regulatory compliance expert understands any specific nuances within your data.

Only select referrals.

We have been very careful to provide referrals who will meet the highest standards for our clients. They are regulatory attorneys who deal with the FCC on a daily basis. They maintain a consistent presence in Washington, D.C. so are on location there if and when you need them to be.

Returning to the medical analogy, think of us as your primary care provider and them as a heart specialist.

We're still here for all other Returns needs.

Avalara is still here to complete thousands of other transactional tax and state regulatory filings on your behalf. We will make sure you have a smooth transition for these two forms. Current customers can contact their customer account manager for details. For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at comminfo@avalara.com or (844) 722-5747.

Tony Susak

General Manager, Telecom

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