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Have clients who need help with sales tax? Partner with Avalara, and get more accurate sales tax compliance in the process. Avalara can automate sales tax rates, prep, filing, and payment.

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Turn a low-margin, time-intensive service into an automated, profitable foundation of your practice.

Sales tax compliance in 4 steps

Step 1


Get your client’s business licenses and sales tax registrations with no fuss.

Step 2

Calculate sales tax

Real-time sales tax calculations flow directly from a powerful tax engine to shopping carts or invoicing systems, all in a flash.

Step 3

File sales tax

Automate filing your client’s returns. Avalara tallies what your client owes in the jurisdictions you designate, prepares and filed the returns, and remits payments.  Choose either self-serve or fully managed service levels.

Step 4

Manage tax compliance documents

Collect, store, and renew tax documents in the cloud.  Syncs with other tax software to apply exemptions at checkout.

Become a partner

Give your clients reliable tools to be compliant with sales tax regulations and to mitigate sales tax audit risks. Let us help you become your client’s resource for all things transaction tax and compliance related.

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Questions about sales tax? We cover the basics here.


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Expert directory

Sales Tax Expert Directory - Not a state and local tax expert yourself? Find one to help you resolve your client’s sales tax dilemmas.

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Help your business manage tax easily and affordably.

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Plans start at just $50 per year. And you can try us risk-free.

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Avalara handles rate research, prep, filing, and paying returns, so you don’t have to.

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Designed to work seamlessly with Amazon, Quickbooks, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcard and hundreds more.

Sales Tax Basics

Be better informed so you can advise your clients

Our free tax rate lookup tool

Need to figure out a taxrate? Get free taxrate tables by zipcode.

Learn where you’re on the hook for sales tax

Find state-by-state details on how to determine economic nexus for your business, whether you have a physical storefront, sell online, or both.

State-by-state sales tax guides

Puzzled by your state’s sales tax rules and regulations? Pick your state and get the important registration, filing, and remittance guidelines you need.

South Dakota v. Wayfair

What does the recent Supreme Court ruling mean for your cliencts with remote sales and how will it impact their business?

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A little about us

20,000+ customers of all sizes
20,000+ customers of all sizes
1,500+ employees, founded 2004
1,500+ employees, founded 2004
Coaches dedicated to getting users started quickly
Coaches dedicated to getting users started quickly
600+ app and marketplace integrations
600+ app and marketplace integrations
1+ million returns processed annually
1+ million returns processed annually
Data on 12,000 U.S. sales tax jurisdictions
Data on 12,000 U.S. sales tax jurisdictions

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