Avalara licensing

Get your sales and use tax permits with no fuss — just leave it to us.


Make registration a snap


Registering for sales and use tax permits can be tricky, not to mention time consuming. We make it easy, no matter how many permits you need.


A single point of contact

It’s a big job to research the different requirements and track down the various application forms in order to apply for sales and use tax permits. You could easily spend hours on the phone, or find yourself combing through various websites. Instead, just contact Avalara.



Call in the experts


We’re compliance experts, so we know our way around regulatory forms. We can handle yours, for certain jurisdictions, all the way from preparation to permit-in-hand, keeping you up to date on any other documents, fees, or information required during the process.

Features and benefits

Worry-free form selection

States have different applications and processes for granting sales tax permits. We know which ones to use and when.


Seamless routing

When applications leave our hands, they either go directly to the appropriate jurisdictions or, sometimes, back to you to complete any next steps.


Fast-tracked applications

We’ll prepare the needed sales and use tax applications, or the sales and use tax portion of a larger application.


Convenient records

You’ll receive electronic copies of any applications we submit for you, as well as proofs of mailing if you like.


Hear from our customers

“Avalara’s ability to scale with us has been essential, and we’ll be able to rely on Avalara as we continue to scale and grow.”

Beatrice Negru 
Duo Security

Sales tax solutions
Nexus study

Knowing where to collect sales tax is critical, but it’s harder than ever with new laws and changing legislation. A thorough analysis of your sales activity will help identify the states where you have nexus, i.e., sales tax responsibilities.

Avalara AvaTax

Dynamically delivers sales and use tax and VAT calculations, based on the latest rules and rates in our system, to your shopping cart or invoicing system at the time of purchase — whether you sell on one platform or multiple.

Avalara Returns

Prepares and files your sales and use tax returns, remits payments, and handles related notices across multiple jurisdictions every filing cycle.

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