60 minutes


Learn to build a business license framework strong enough to support evolving workflows

Even the best organized, most-efficient businesses struggle with the burden of business licenses. These licenses can involve nearly every aspect of running a business, from the distribution and storage of goods to construction, one-time-use permits, professional certifications, and even allowing employees to work from home. Add in the complexity of navigating these requirements at the local, state, and federal levels, and business license workflows can quickly become unmanageable if you lack a strong framework.

Building and maintaining a strong business license framework can seem daunting for most businesses. Ask any business that has dealt with the consequences of noncompliance, and you’ll quickly find that establishing the necessary workflows for business licenses is time well spent in the long run. In this on-demand webinar, Avalara Manager of Business Development Eric Feigenbaum goes over best practices for creating a business license compliance framework that will keep your business efficient and in good standing.

We’ll cover:

  • Avalara’s 6-step process for a new business license framework
  • How to deal with annual licensing rule fluctuations
  • Where to look for any licenses you may need
  • Potential outcomes for noncompliance
  • Determining how to choose software for workflow management

Webinar attendees are also eligible to earn 1 hour of CPE credit. 

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About the speaker

Eric Feigenbaum
Manager, Business Development – Business Licenses

Eric Feigenbaum has been focused on business licensing product strategy for almost 10 years and began working at Avalara when his previous company, Business Licenses, LLC, was acquired. He’s had roles in product development, strategy, and operations. Currently, he handles business development and sales support for Business Licenses. Avalara License Management, Avalara License Guidance, and Avalara License Preparation are his primary areas of expertise. Eric has a degree in business from the University of Washington and has lived and worked in Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Bali. He is looking forward to traveling with his family again.