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What should I know about business licenses in Florida?

Florida requires nearly every business that operates within The Sunshine State to obtain a tax registration on the state level. On the local level, most townships also require businesses to obtain a business tax receipt. Putting the pieces together can be a convoluted process. It's best to be ready early on.

Florida, with a population of 21,000,000, is one of the largest states in America and home to many growing businesses. Most of these businesses are required to obtain more than one Florida business license and/or permit to operate. This is true for retailers, educators, restaurants, and more. 

Some industries face additional quandaries. Contractors, for example, have to choose early on whether or not to pursue a state certification for their business or a county registration. It's a meaningful distinction that has repercussions down the road for working throughout the state or keeping their business local.

How many business licenses do you need?

The number of business licenses you need in Florida depends on a number of unique factors.

These factors include...

  • Within which city/county will you operate your business? 
  • What business activities will you be conducting? 
  • How heavily regulated is your industry? Etc. 

To put it in perspective, we ran the following queries through our own business license research tool. Here are some authentic results:

This may include a state-specific Florida nursery-plant dealer license. That license will probably require a Nursery Stock Dealer Registration Application.

This may include a county-specific Broward food establishment permit. If you're pursuing that permit, you may want to download an Application for a Sanitation Certificate and Food Establishment Plan Review Guide.

This may include a state-specific Florida cosmetology shop license. To obtain that license, a business owner will likely need to submit a Salon Licensure Application.

Common Florida business license questions

If you’re starting a business in the Sunshine State then you’re probably wondering if Florida requires a business license. Lucky for you, we put together some of the most common Florida business license questions to help you out.

A general business license, also known as a business tax receipt, is required in most counties and cities in Florida. There’s also a good chance your business may require multiple licenses based on your industry and where you’re located.

Costs of Florida business licenses vary based on the county, your type of business, and other factors, like your environmental impact.

You need to speak with your relevant tax collector’s office to obtain the business tax receipts you need in Florida. Your location may require additional licenses, such as a city business tax receipt. Avalara helps you identify the correct licenses and can even help prepare your paperwork.

Licensing information for Florida cities

Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.

Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.