Exemption Certificate Management Best Practices

Sales tax exemption certificates are complicated, but managing them does not have to be. Many companies are burdened with manual processes that are inefficient, often inaccurate, and ultimately impact the bottom line.

In this webinar, you will learn how to best manage your exemption certificates for long-term cost-saving results.

  • Common exemption certificate process mistakes and red flags
  • Potential disasters from exemption certificate mismanagement
  • Steps to improve the process for your company
  • Best ways to manage certificate expirations and renewals
  • How software can streamline the exemption certificate management process

Two sales tax experts will share their advice during this fact-filled discussion.

Lauren Stinson

CMI, is president of Windward Tax

A sales and use tax consulting firm that specializes in helping manufacturers. She has more than 20 years of experience working with companies to manage their exemption certificates.

Silvia Aguirre

Chief Certificate Officer at Avalara

Silvia manages the product direction of the CertCapture suite of products. She is the co-founder of Avalara CertCapture. Silvia was previously co-founder and Principal of Tax Technology Services, LLC (TTS) and was an Auditor for the state of Texas in their San Antonio and New York offices.

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