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Avalara now powers cross-border compliance for Shopify Markets and eBay International Shipping. Explore these and 1,200+ signed partner integrations.


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Avalara Tariff Code Classification

Classify Harmonized System codes with confidence

From self-serve capabilities to managed classification services, we automate the assignment of HS codes with a solution that can be implemented on its own or seamlessly integrated with Avalara AvaTax Cross-Border.

Avalara Self-Serve Tariff Code Classification is an intuitive AI-enabled tool that allows you to instantly classify codes more easily and requires no prior experience in HS classification. Streamline your classification process by adding Avalara Trade Compliance for batch classification functionality and expand your classification reach with Avalara Cross-Border Tariff Content

Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification combines AI and human expertise to quickly provide consistent tariff codes for consumer products going to 180+ countries

Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification Premium also combines AI and human expertise while providing additional background and rationale to support customs audits

Video: Learn how automated tariff code classification can help you save money.

Avalara Trade Restrictions Management

Navigate government restrictions on cross-border selling

We flag items with restrictions in place, as well as those that are prohibited from entering a country, to help you understand and comply with cross-border government regulations.

Manage restricted items for import and export

Drive cost efficiency by focusing efforts on profitable transactions

Reduce reverse shipping charges for goods that are restricted or prohibited at certain borders

Improve customer satisfaction with fewer products rejected at the border

Avalara AvaTax Cross-Border

Don’t let compliance, duties, and cross-border tariffs impact your customer experience

Simplify your compliance process with a flexible, unified platform to help calculate or estimate customs and duties upfront with greater accuracy.

Get up and running quickly with large product catalogs

Minimize surprises for customers by populating cross-border taxes into online shopping carts

Drive scale and increase the accuracy of calculations with patent-pending technology and human expertise

Video: Get an overview of how Avalara Cross Border simplifies taxes on international sales.

Avalara Import One-Stop Shop solution and Avalara VAT Registration

Register and sell to customers in an estimated $800-billion ecommerce market

Take advantage of changes to EU VAT laws with our Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) solution. In addition, we provide step-by-step guidance to get you VAT registered in countries where you’re obligated to collect and remit sales tax.

Sell to customers in all 27 EU member states with a single VAT registration

Improve your cash flow by reducing import VAT payments

Minimize the hassle of dealing with multiple compliance authorities

Save time by offloading the end-to-end application process

Increase customer satisfaction with more reliable and more accurate pricing at checkout

Avalara Fiscal Representation

Secure a fiscal representative in any country

Sometimes global compliance authorities in certain European countries require businesses to appoint a fiscal representative. Avalara has in-house fiscal representative services in Europe and around the world. Our dedicated VAT experts can help secure a fiscal representative for EU trading and assist you with any international VAT questions.

Remove language barriers with a multilingual team of VAT specialists that deals directly with tax authorities in their language

Reduce time to enter new markets by letting Avalara assist you with VAT requirements

Decrease your risk of audit by having Avalara review your data to help you stay compliant with EU regulations

Avalara VAT Reporting and customs compliance

Simplify VAT returns with automation

Decrease the high cost and hassle of returns preparation, filing, and remittance. Our single automated solution calculates VAT and helps keep you compliant with U.K. and EU rules.

Increase accuracy, improve efficiency, and reduce manual processes with software that creates and files timely returns

Choose from cloud-based or on-premises options to align with your IT team requirements and budget

Reduce risk of fines, audits, and incorrect returns with automated data checks

Avalara E-Invoicing and Live Reporting

Replace PDF and paper invoices with compliant and efficient e-invoicing

Many countries around the world require e-invoicing for billing. The number of these mandates continues to grow and the requirements for each country vary and change. Avalara E-Invoicing and Live Reporting can help you:

Integrate e-invoicing functionality with existing ERP, accounting, and other business systems

Support for e-invoicing in 60+ countries

Save time and money in accounts payable and accounts receivable departments

Payments and shipping

Offer local payment methods and clear customs smoothly

Avalara uses the Digital River global online payments platform to maximize conversions and help grow revenue. We also partner with UPS, Passport Shipping, and Easyship to provide international shipping solutions from some of the best providers in the industry.

Accept payments and support global compliance without extensive front-end development

Increase authorization rates, renewals, and revenue while lowering global merchant processing fees

Save money with subsidized implementation of Avalara Item Classification

Reduce customs delays, rejected shipments, and unhappy customers that come with improperly applied tariff codes or surprise fees assessed on delivery

Include the full landed cost estimate in real time, at the point of purchase, to enable customer-friendly Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping upon checkout

Connect with Avalara

See how our solution can help you manage international tax compliance.

Connect with Avalara

See how our solution can help you manage international tax compliance.