AvaTax for IntegraTouch

AvaTax for Communications and IntegraTouch: Easy Billing with Accurate Taxes

Communications service providers (CSPs) maintain a competitive edge by streamlining billing through a variety of solutions. The company has successfully designed and overhauled support systems for billing, subscriber management, and more—for both emerging providers and established, high-volume companies. IntegraTouch is currently operating one of the world’s largest subscriber management and billing platforms.

By integrating Symphony by IntegraTouch with AvaTax for Communications, CSPs will significantly reduce the risk of audits, penalties, and fines. Avalara’s cloud-based tax determination solution streamlines the complexities of federal, state, and local communications taxes and fees and allows CSPs to accurately apply the correct rules and rates within Symphony by IntegraTouch.

Symphony Integration by: IntegraTouch

Founded in 2002, IntegraTouch is a rapid-growth solutions technology company that prides itself in improving bottom line financials through comprehensive revenue generation solutions. No matter what your size, IntegraTouch will keep pace with business expansion and help get providers to where they want to grow—just as it did for a large satellite radio company as it grew from a few thousand customers to serve more than 30 million. The company has developed, integrated, migrated, and operated complete back-office and customer facing solutions, allowing CSPs to focus on their core competencies.