Fresh Squeezed Orange: Top Sales Tax Stories

Fresh Squeezed Orange: Top Sales Tax Stories

Try as we might, it’s simply not possible to read all the news, all of the time. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the week’s top sales tax stories. Dazzle your friends with your sales tax savvy and save time to boot.

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April 2015 sales tax changes

Life would be dull without a regular dose of sales tax changes. Read about the numerous rate and boundary changes that took effect on the first day of the second quarter.

Tax breaks for NFL provide swank venues for Final Four – Wacky Tax Wednesday

College basketball is benefitting from the NFL’s tax incentives. What’s up with that?

2015 sales tax holidays

When’s the best time to buy an Energy Star appliance in Missouri, or go back-to-school shopping in Texas? When do retailers in Virginia need to reprogram POS systems in order to exempt certain normally taxable goods? Find out in the 2015 sales tax holiday post.

Top posts from around the web

Gov. Pat McCrory blasts sales tax, religious freedom bills

According to the Republican governor of North Carolina, redistributing sales tax revenue could spark class warfare. Furthermore, a bill designed to protect religious “makes no sense.” Read about it.

Budget includes sales-tax carveout for yachts

If a yacht credit makes it into the approved New York State budget, tax would still be collected on sales of small fishing boats, kayaks or canoes. Yachts costing $230,000 or more, however, would be exempt from New York sales tax.

GCC states move toward introducing VAT

The Gulf states have decided to create the framework needed to introduce value added tax (VAT) in the region. Diversifying revenue sources with a VAT has been under discussion since 2007, and the idea is seeing renewed interest thanks to recent low Crude Oil prices.

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