September: red leaves and redheads - Avalara CommerceTracker

September: red leaves and redheads - Avalara CommerceTracker

Red. It's the least common hair color in the world, according to the BBC. Every year, the first week of September marks Redhead Days in the Netherlands. Last year, gingers from over 50 countries participated in the festival's lectures, workshops, and demonstrations geared toward their specific needs. Anyone with totally natural red hair can participate in the totally free festival — we just hope they're wearing sunscreen for that annual outdoor group photo.

Redheads have something else to celebrate right now, too. According to Avalara CommerceTracker's data in the last 12 months, haircare products are discounted most during the month of September. Anyone looking to buy that expensive conditioner to keep red locks shiny and healthy might want to stock up this month.


Why are retailers trying so hard to attract gingers in September? Perhaps it's because the month also marks the year's lowest sales volume overall. It makes sense: the high heat and humidity of summer is gone, but hasn't yet been replaced by the cold, dry winter air. Result: more good hair days. Bad news for sellers of styling products — good news for those who want a more natural look.

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