September, the Healthiest Month? - Avalara CommerceTracker

September, the Healthiest Month? - Avalara CommerceTracker

September: the leaves are still on the trees, the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter. Could this often underappreciated month actually be the healthiest time on the calendar?
According to Avalara CommerceTracker, pharmaceutical sales are highest from February to June, but lowest in September. This makes a lot of sense: spring allergy season is over, while cold and flu season has not yet begun. September does bring sneezes and sinus headaches to ragweed allergy sufferers, but they don't seem to exist in large enough numbers to move the needle.

Of course, it's also possible that September isn't healthier at all, in spite of reduced pharmaceutical sales. With sales staying high all summer long, perhaps the real reason for the early fall dip is that when summer fun beckons, people are more likely to try to medicate their minor ailments away. But once autumn winds start to blow, perhaps they're more willing to shut themselves in with soup and tissues.
Whatever the reason, just like that pesky end-of-summer cough that won't go away, retailers' pharma sales improve as fall goes on. Stay healthy, and stay tuned for more on the latest developments from Avalara CommerceTracker.

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