Avalara’s Partner Pro Voted to CRN’s Women of the Channel 2017

Avalara’s Partner Pro Voted to CRN’s Women of the Channel 2017

One of the great pleasures of my role at Avalara is recognizing and announcing outstanding employee accomplishments, whenever merited.

Liz Anderson, our senior director of partner marketing, has had a remarkable first half of 2017, starting in January when she received the coveted CEO’s Choice Award at Avalara’s Worldwide Sales Kick Off meeting in Seattle. This award, presented by CEO Scott McFarlane, recognized Liz’s leadership of the partner marketing group, as well as her persistence and dedication in building programs based on a foundation of mutually beneficial relationships, delivering increased growth and new opportunities for success for both Avalara and our valued partners.

But it turns out that recognition was just the start of a winning streak. This month, CRN magazine named Liz to its exclusive Women of the Channel list, which recognizes influential women leaders in the tech sector who have exceptional expertise and are dedicated to their unique role in the channel ecosystem. The CRN honor is a direct result of Liz’s ability to lead a team that helps partners more easily identify and target market opportunities, and drive demand generation. The end-result strengthens Avalara’s reputation as a true value-add partner.

As Liz put it so aptly in her CRN Women of the Channel profile, “find a career you are passionate about, as you will be intrinsically motivated to always learn more and will naturally be more successful. Hustle and take on extra projects that help you shine.”

Congratulations, Liz.

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