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  • STT - Sales Tax Table, and please notice the singular table. Most ERP systems offer a means of building and maintaining a "Sales Tax Table" that contains the necessary tax rates and agencies, bundled together into a tax group; the total rate is then applied to the appropriate transactions. Far more accurate than WID, it is also fairly automated once properly implemented. Sadly, tax rates, authorities, and exclusions change far too frequently for most companies to properly maintain their Sales Tax Tables, and over time, they tend to slip backwards in the direction of WID. SSTs are better than WID, to be sure, but still aren’t ideal.

Bottom line: an ERP system needs to know all the details about sales taxes and their related transactions, but ERP might not be the best system to calculate the sales taxes themselves.

What is actually needed is the ability to have any and all relevant transactions, and their related sales taxes, calculated in real-time while leveraging the services of a dedicated tax engine. This is precisely what Avalara offers.

Avalara delivers automated, cloud-based solutions that help customers manage transaction taxes, like sales tax. Avalara's pre-built connectors allow customers to get accurate tax data directly in their ERP or financial application.

Working with the ERP system as an integrated whole, Avalara can deliver the desired elements of the needed sales tax solution: real-time, accurate and simple to use.