The CRUSH Files: When a tax compliance conference becomes an annual tradition

The CRUSH Files: When a tax compliance conference becomes an annual tradition

"I was at the first CRUSH event in 2016, and the second one in 2017. They were both so valuable in the content and the value I received that I immediately signed up for the next one. I'll be back in Washington this year."

Jeff Marr, Chief Financial Officer at Colter & Peterson, recounts his previous experiences at Avalara CRUSH events and explains why he's such a fan of the conference.

Colter & Peterson specializes in buying, selling, repairing, and maintaining industrial paper trimmers and paper cutting equipment, and as a result, the company deals with a fair amount of complexity regarding exemption forms, in addition to multistate return filings. As an Avalara customer, Jeff now enjoys simplified exemption management, quick and easy monthly filings, and the ability to call himself a "junior expert on sales tax" thanks to the Avalara trainings and events he has attended.

We look forward to seeing you again at CRUSH DC, Jeff!

Learn more about CRUSH DC 2018 at, including the preliminary agenda and session information, registration information, justification letters, and more!

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