9 ways to attract millennial and Gen. Z holiday shoppers

9 ways to attract millennial and Gen. Z holiday shoppers

Winning the business of the newest generation of shoppers can boost your sales all year, and especially during the holiday season. But how to do it? Competition for their business is fierce.

Millennial and Gen. Z shoppers have more choices at their disposal than ever before. With a virtual stage to showcase their selections, they’re opting for brands they identify with and brands they feel identify them. They want something fresh and surprising — and they want it now. Technology is not only a vital component of their retail experience; it’s an exciting forum for new possibilities.

Understanding what makes this new age of holiday shoppers tick will help you better cater to them. Read on for 9 tips to draw millennial and Gen. Z holiday shoppers to your store.

1.     Cater to the customer.
This generation of consumers may not appreciate excellent customer service any more than its predecessor, but it’s more skilled at sharing experiences on social media. Be sure your staff has a thorough understanding of the products you sell, and the communication skills needed to impart that knowledge.

2.     Deliver a superb — and sustainable — product.
Many young consumers believe “less is more.” Not only do they want a solid product that will last, they want one they can feel good about buying. The more sustainable your products and transparent the supply chain, the better.

3.     Be available.
Ecommerce is never closed. Young consumers want to be able to shop anytime, from anywhere. Accessible mobile sites are essential, as are streamlined shopping carts, and an integrated returns service. Accepting new forms of currency (e.g., Bitcoin) could also earn a faithful following.

4.     Meet the on-demand mind-set.
On-demand fulfillment of the sort offered by Amazon Prime has set a high bar for all retailers. The faster you can get orders to your customers, the more beloved you will be.

5.     Create a shareable retail experience.
Social media allows us to brand our very selves, showing the world our best attributes and experiences. No one knows this more than young people. Make your retail experience one the new generations want to tout.

6.     Go global.
Don’t limit yourself to young Americans: There’s a savvy new generation of shoppers in every country.

7.     Be willing to reinvent yourself.
The more disruptions there are to the traditional marketplace, the more adaptable and creative you’ll need to be to get on top and stay there. Can artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and other exponential technologies help you thrive?

8.     Offer options.
Brick-and-mortar businesses that sell online should offer in-store pickup. Ecommerce sellers should consider free shipping. Keep in mind, however, that without a solid product, young shoppers will stay away no matter how convenient the shopping experience.

9.     Think outside the retail box.
To truly excel as a retailer today, you need to incorporate technology into your retail experience. Does your ecommerce site make use of smart tags or allow smart checkout? Now could be an ideal time to partner with a technology company.

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