The Wine BAM is back!

The Wine BAM is back!

The TTB Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM) for Wine is back!  After a long hiatus, this informative resource is back in circulation. TTB removed the BAM from their website when certain key wine label requirements changed; including the 7% ABV labeling regulations, and the addition of the American appellation.  You’ll also find references to updated regulations in the new BAM, and clarification on many existing regulations and policies.

Additional updates are included in Chapter 10 of the manual, which provides sample labels that specifically address changes to regulations.  For example, page 10-2 provides illustrations of a label for wine with less than 7% alcohol, and page 10-4, includes a sample label for wine using the new American appellation.

As with most guides, the BAM is not meant to be a substitute for regulatory rulings; however, the manual is a great starting point for answering questions you may have regarding wine labeling.  Please note that there are also BAMs for beer/malt beverages and spirits.

If you have questions regarding labeling requirements for any alcoholic beverage, check for answers in the BAM. Learn more about Avalara's Beverage Alcohol solution here.

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