What to expect if TTB shuts down this week

What to expect if TTB shuts down this week

Déjà vu all over again. We’re ending 2018 with the same drill we started with in 2018. Unless a federal short-term temporary funding bill passes next week, the TTB could be closed into the New Year.

Lawmakers from both parties have negotiated deals with bipartisan support approving more than three quarters of the 2019 budget, however the negotiations currently fall short of President Trump’s demands to fund a wall on the US-Mexico border. As a result, several federal agencies, including the TTB, face the prospect of shutdown on Friday.

In the event of a closure, we anticipate receiving from the TTB an “Appropriations Lapse Notice” that details their cessation of services including limited access to the TTB.gov website. In January 2018 specifically, Permits Online, Formulas Online, and COLAs Online were available but not monitored. Pay.gov, however, was available for filing of electronic payments and returns for federal excise taxes and operational reports.

What to expect

We learned during the most recent TTB shutdown in January 2018 that:

  • TTB employees did not show up for work and cannot answer any questions
  • Permits Online was available but not monitored
  • Formulas Online was available but not monitored
  • COLAs Online was available but not monitored
  • Excise tax and operational report filings were available through pay.gov

Best practices

During the furlough, we recommend that you continue your normal compliance processes, with a few exceptions. Here’s a list of tips for what to do during the shutdown.

  • Continue to file your operational reports and make your Federal Excise Tax (FET) payments. Regardless of whether you use paper forms or pay.gov, continue this process as per usual.
  • Continue to submit any new Formulas, COLAs, and Permit applications through the TTB website to make sure your applications are in the queue. Since TTB employees won’t be available to process the submissions though, expect delays and longer processing times.
  • If you’re a Compli client, continue to follow your normal processes as if nothing has changed. We will continue to submit applications as normal during the shutdown.
  • If you’re not a Compli client, setup an appointment so we can show you how we add value to hundreds of beverage alcohol suppliers every day.
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