Avalara named a Leader in IDC MarketScape report on global tax automation

Avalara named a Leader in IDC MarketScape report on global tax automation

Last week, IDC MarketScape named Avalara a leader in its first-ever IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Sales Tax and VAT Automation Applications 2019 Vendor Assessment (doc #US43263718, January 2019). Sales tax remains an increasingly difficult and complex responsibility for businesses around the world. This new IDC MarketScape is proof that tax automation solutions are of increasing interest and accessibility as businesses need help managing the calculation, collection, and filing of indirect taxes.

According to IDC MarketScape, Avalara’s strengths include our partner ecosystem and continued investment in technology and data management. We couldn’t agree more.

In fact, the report states: “Avalara has always understood that success in the tax management software market is dependent on building partnerships with publishers of all types of business applications.” IDC MarketScape fully recognizes the investment that Avalara has put into finding and working alongside the best business software available. We partner with established leaders who support global multinationals and we work closely with emerging systems – regardless of business size, tax compliance is important and it is required. We are grateful for the trust our partners have in us to get it right.

Additionally, the IDC MarketScape points to our investment and commitment to data management. The report notes, “core to [Avalara’s] promise is its repeated acquisition and ingestion of tax content – the product classification, rates, boundaries, and other rules that govern tax application in many jurisdictions.” As our customers know, tax rules change all the time. That’s why businesses rely on us to track those changes. To do so, we rely on advanced technology and a team of tax experts to keep our database up to date. To be part of every transaction in the world, we need all the tax content in the world. 

Don’t just take IDC MarketScape’s word for it, our 20,000+ customers directly experience how Avalara helps their businesses grow and navigate the increasing number of tax management challenges, like new economic nexus laws, selling internationally, or selling a new product.

Learn more about IDC MarketScape and download an excerpt of the report.

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