Tracking regulatory relief for the beverage alcohol industry

Tracking regulatory relief for the beverage alcohol industry

COVID-19 is taking a toll on both our business and personal lives in ways we could never have before imagined. The beverage alcohol industry has been impacted particularly hard. Fortunately, many agencies are offering compliance and regulatory relief to help reduce the burden. For example, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) resource includes filing extensions for excise tax payments and special allowances for distilleries that want to produce hand sanitizer, and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) guidance includes two rounds of suspension of enforcement on certain activities, as well as a 30-day grace period for license renewal fees and penalties. Most states are allowing for some form of relief, including filing extensions, temporary allowable practices, and simplified filing processes. 

Avalara is helping businesses like yours by monitoring federal and state agencies and legislatures for these changes and providing a reliable source for information. We've created a continuously updated roundup for you to easily access for the latest information on updates for licensing, product registration, returns, enforcement changes, and more. Bookmark this helpful page to stay up to date any time. You’ll also find other sections that include notifications for other tax types, including sales tax.

You can also watch our latest webinar on this topic, available on demand at your convenience. It summarizes these issues and provides additional insight for best practices.

Watch now: Navigating Beverage Alcohol Compliance During COVID-19

Avalara will continue to update our blog content until this situation abates, tasting rooms are once again open, and business returns to as normal as possible. We're with you during this crisis and will continue to keep a close eye on things and provide guidance when we can.

As always, if we can do anything else to provide assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 877-855-9956.

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