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What should I know about business licenses in Iowa?

Beginning in 2010, Iowa has consistently rated as a top state for business owners and as one of the most affordable places to run an enterprise. Although Iowa is traditionally viewed as an agriculture state, it also boasts a diversified economy that includes many financial, biotechnology, and manufacturing services. 

A well-known, popular shopping outlet called the Williamsburg shopping center continues to flourish after 30 years and is now operating under new ownership with plans to expand its property due to Wisconsin's business-friendly economy.

Applications for Iowa business licenses involve registering with the state's small business department, providing information about the structure of your business, and getting a federal employer identification number (FEIN), if applicable. You will need this special identification number if you own a sole proprietorship with employees, if your business sells tobacco, firearms, and/or alcohol, or if you plan to run a partnership or corporation.

Obtaining a business license in Iowa is complicated and will no doubt take time away from getting your business ready to open. Let professionals submit the necessary documents and information for receiving an Iowa business license so you can concentrate on what matters... opening your business as soon as possible.

Common Iowa business license questions

If you’re setting up a business in Iowa then it’s important to know about how business licenses work in the Hawkeye State. These Iowa business license questions can help you get started.

Many retail businesses in Iowa only require a sales tax permit and do not need a business license. However, businesses like restaurants and other industries regulated by Iowa licensing boards will need some kind of license and/or permit to conduct business.

While there is no general business license in Iowa, the pricing for many of the additional permits and licenses you may need can vary. Take the time to check with the Iowa Department of Revenue to find out what your business requires.

You can apply online for many of the permits and licenses your business needs. Don’t feel like tracking down each individual license for your industry? Avalara can help determine the licenses your business needs.

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Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.

Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.