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Kansas expects to enjoy increased employment growth following a reduction in the 2018 unemployment rate. Kansans should see thousands of new jobs emerge in their state in coming years, with more positions available in the manufacturing sector but slower job growth within the government industry. Currently, Kansas has a 3.2 unemployment rate, which is the lowest unemployment rate since 1999.

Entrepreneurs are fueling much of the economic boom in Kansas, especially in Topeka and Wichita. The Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Awards, a prestigious contest held annually, recently announced the finalists of their contest. Some of these finalists include businesses with only five employees (Affinity Automotive Services and Keating & Associates Financial Services), businesses with 6 to 20 employees (Medical Provider Resources and Headshots Bar & Grill), and businesses with 20 to 100 employees (Axiom Healthcare Services and McCurdy Auction House).

Obtaining a business license in Kansas involves determining if your business requires federal licensing, registering your business with the state for tax purposes, and researching Kansas business regulations regarding product reselling. Prospective business owners may also need to get an occupational license if they plan to own a bakery, convenience store, landscaping company, or hair salon.

Common Kansas business license questions

Planning to start or expand a business in Kansas? Don’t let business licenses in the Land of Oz shock you. Check out a few of the most common business license questions.

Although Kansas doesn’t have a general business license, there are lots of industries that require their own business licenses. Your state or local government may have additional licenses or permits required for your business.

How much a license costs in Kansas may vary depending on your location and type of business. For example, a license for an ice cream vendor in Wichita, KS, could cost between $2 and $25. A license for a fireworks business in Topeka starts at $280.

The first step in getting your business license in Kansas is finding out if your business requires a license in the first place. Once you have determined if you need a license, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your county or city to see if they require any additional permits or licenses.

Avalara can help you save time on your business licenses by helping you determine what you need and even helping prepare applications.

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Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.

Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.