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What should I know about business licenses in Texas?

They say that everything is bigger in The Lone Star State and that includes the potential for your business in a state that is home to more than 28 million buyers of your product and users of your service.

Needless to say, Texas has an outsized reputation for low taxes and minimal regulations, but that doesn't mean that governmental compliance is easy to achieve. Even when the state government doesn't require a business to obtain a general business license, that's typically because they think the business license on the state level is redundant. 

In other words, they expect their county and city governments to create regulations for their local businesses and enforce compliance with the rules. Somewhere/somehow, a Texas business license is required for your company and it's your job to find out where/how.

For example, consider how hard it is to obtain Texas business license requirements to operate an auto repair or auto detailing business. The requirements vary from city to city and in the case of Houston, there are no less than 11 different types of required business licenses ranging from a Body Shop Facility with Storage Privileges License to a Whole Jobber and Retail Supply Dealer License.

Even the seemingly simple Texas business licenses are more complex than you might imagine. If you plan to serve beer in a bar or a restaurant in Texas, you might rejoice at the news that the only alcohol license you'll need is on the state level. But your relief will be short-lived. It turns out that the single state-level Texas business license you need to serve liquor requires the complex sign-off of many different local agencies from the zoning board to the police department and/or city clerk.

State facts

  • The Texas State Fair is the largest in the U.S. It is estimated that almost 3.5 million people attended the fair in 2015.

  • In 1827, Seven-Eleven opened its first chain in Dallas, Texas as the first convenience store in the U.S. As of June 2019, 7-Eleven operates, franchises, and licenses 68,236 stores in 17 countries.

  • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is the oldest soft drink manufacturer in the U.S. The soft drink was invented by Charles Alderton in 1885.

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Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.

Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.