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What should I know about business licenses in West Virginia?

West Virginia business licenses (which are sometimes called business tax registrations) are required of every business that operates within the state. That's a fact even if your business doesn't file sales taxes. That's a fact even if you aren't hiring employees. It's a fact even if you're operating out of a residence. It's just a fact in West Virginia.

Here are two other facts worth remembering. First, as of early 2019, West Virginia doesn't accept business license applications online. To obtain a West Virginia business license, business owners must rely on physical mail and phone calls. That creates a significant lag time in the process. Second, West Virginia state is not the end of the story. Many of the cities in West Virginia (such as Charleston, Beckley, and Bluefield) require that businesses operating within their city limits obtain their own business licenses as well. You're best off doing extensive research in advance.

Common West Virginia business license questions

Starting a business in West Virginia?  It’s important to know about how business licenses work in the state of West Virginia. We put together some of the most common business license questions to help you on your way to opening up a business in West Virginia.

Every business in West Virginia requires a business license from the State Tax Department. It’s sometimes called a Business Tax or Registration Certificate. Technically, the state doesn’t require a business license, per se, but every city does. There are other licenses or permits your company might need as well, depending on what type of business you run. It’s important to note that the certificate cannot be transferred and must be surrendered to the State Tax Commissioner once the business is no longer doing business in West Virginia.

The annual fee for a business registration certificate is currently just $30.

The Business for West Virginia government website is your online portal to obtaining a license that covers state licensing.  There can be more licensing requirements at the county and city level, so be sure to check these specifications out as well.

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Learn more about business licenses

Connect with Avalara to learn more about the licenses your business may require.