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Get your business licenses and sales tax registration with no fuss

Make registration a snap

Need multiple types of licenses in multiple places? We make it easy to get most non-regulated licenses*, permits, and registrations across the U.S., including state, county, and local licenses.

*Certain industries are highly regulated by government agencies, and often incur greater licensing requirements. Examples include agriculture and animal-related industries, gambling and gaming, education and day care, and explosives and firearms.

Features and benefits

Zero guesswork with the right forms
Zero guesswork with the right forms

States have different applications and processes for granting sales tax and business licenses. We know which ones to use and when.

Off-load the end-to-end application process
Off-load the end-to-end application process

We prepare necessary application forms and follow up with jurisdictions to ensure everything’s on track — so you don’t have to.

We walk you through every step
We walk you through every step

Applications are sent directly to the appropriate jurisdictions or back to you to complete any final steps. You’ll receive confirmation of the applications we file for you.

Three options for simple registration

per location

Tell us about your company and we’ll find the forms you need
Includes business license and sales tax registration forms
You file with and pay licensing authorities directly
from $199*
per location

We handle preparation and filing of sales tax registration
We pay licensing authorities directly
Jurisdiction fees included
from $349*
per location

We handle preparation of business license application
We handle preparation and filing of state sales tax registration
We pay state sales tax licensing authorities directly
State-imposed jurisdiction fees included




*In certain locations, customers will be responsible for the expense (including jurisdiction fees) and tasks associated with manual filing.

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“Avalara’s ability to scale with us has been essential, and we’ll be able to rely on Avalara as we continue to scale and grow.”

Beatrice Negru 
Duo Security

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