Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports simplifies compliance for multinational companies

In today’s global business landscape, multinational companies face numerous challenges when managing their finances and complying with international tax regulations. One critical aspect that often proves complex is transfer pricing — the pricing of goods, services, and intellectual property within affiliated entities across different countries. 

To simplify this process, Avalara is thrilled to introduce its innovative platform: Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of transfer pricing and explain how Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports can help multinational companies achieve seamless compliance.

What is transfer pricing?

Transfer pricing plays a crucial role in determining how profits are allocated among different entities within a multinational company. It establishes the prices at which goods, services,  intellectual property, or loans are exchanged between related parties. Accurate transfer pricing is essential for maintaining transparency, complying with tax regulations, and avoiding potential disputes or penalties.

How can transfer pricing requirements complicate compliance for companies?

Complying with transfer pricing regulations can be a complex and time-consuming process for multinational companies. Some of the common challenges include:

  • Expertise and resources: Companies often lack in-house transfer pricing expertise and struggle to allocate resources to address compliance requirements adequately.

  • Compliance cost: Engaging external experts to prepare transfer pricing documentation can be expensive, eating into the company’s budget.

  • Data collection and analysis: Gathering the necessary data and performing in-depth analysis to support transfer pricing decisions can be labor-intensive and prone to errors.

  • Risk mitigation: Companies face the risk of potential disputes or penalties due to inconsistent or inadequate transfer pricing documentation.

How does Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports simplify transfer pricing compliance?

Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports offers a comprehensive solution to alleviate pain points experienced by multinational companies. Let’s look at how our platform addresses each of these challenges:

  • Expertise and resources: Our user-friendly platform empowers companies to prepare their transfer pricing reports without the need for specialized expertise. It provides a structured framework and guidance, ensuring compliance with both IRS regulations and OECD guidelines.

  • Compliance cost: By leveraging Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports, companies can significantly lower their compliance costs compared to the expense of engaging external consultants. The self-service nature of the platform reduces the need for costly professional assistance.

  • Data collection and analysis: Our platform automates the data collection and analysis process, streamlining the preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

  • Risk mitigation: Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports aligns with IRS regulations and OECD guidelines, and provides companies a structured and standardized framework for preparing transfer pricing documentation. Our platform incorporates reliable benchmarks, ensuring the use of comparable data for analysis. It guides users in selecting the appropriate transfer pricing method based on the nature of the controlled transactions, and automates the data collection, analysis, and reporting processes.

Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports helps companies comply with the documentation requirements set forth by the IRS and other tax authorities. The platform enables the generation of comprehensive reports that document the transfer pricing analysis, methods applied, comparable data used, and economic analysis conducted.

Watch this demo video to see how Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports seamlessly automates and generates fully US and OECD compliant reports.

Can accounting consultants use Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports?

If you prefer to outsource transfer pricing compliance to your accounting partner, consultants can automate their transfer pricing reports with Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports for Accountants

Learn more about Avalara Transfer Pricing Reports and how it can benefit your company.

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