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Avalara CertCapture

Over two thousand companies rely on Avalara CertCapture to gain complete control over the sales tax exemption certificate management process. Created by a former state auditor and regularly updated by Avalara’s dedicated tax research team, this automated solution puts a full suite of powerful sales tax exemption management tools right at your fingertips.

And because it’s priced to grow with your business, CertCapture easily scales to fit the needs of large enterprises and small businesses alike. It’s the easiest, quickest way to regain control over the sales tax exempt certificate process and proactively prepare for audits—long before they occur.

Unique solutions for retail and eCommerce


Automate the sales tax exemption certificate process to lower your audit risk and exposure. Our Retail and eCommerce modules let you easily collect certificates at the point of sale in store and online. And our new CertCapture Mobile Scan App enables your employees to easily collect, validate and securely store certificates using a smartphone or tablet.


Collect and manage Forms W-8 and W-9 from independent contractors, vendors, corporations and foreign persons working in the U.S. Even complex FATCA reporting is simplified.

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Collect and renew exemption certificates in record time

Automatically send new customers links so they can complete sales tax exempt certificates in a secure online web portal, allow existing ones to update missing information and send friendly reminders to buyers in jurisdictions where certificates are about to expire.

With a comprehensive customer mailing module, it’s easier than ever to contact your customers. Meanwhile, existing certificates are digitized through a powerful one-step validation, mapping, and certificate intake process.

Improve customer service

With Avalara CertCapture, “fast” and “friendly” go hand in hand. Make it easy for all customers to return certificates quickly. Create custom cover letters and pre-filled certificates, then generate collection campaigns for all or part of your database.

For customers who still prefer paper and stamps, you can fax directly from the system or print documents for easy mailing. Once they’re completed and returned, you can quickly upload them directly into the database.

Integrate with tools you already use.

Avalara CertCapture integrates with hundreds of other solutions, from ERPs and CRMs to tax, accounting and POS software. You can even connect CertCapture to your own in-house solution to keep customers’ tax statuses updated across all of your accounts. CertCapture can also apply your company-specific rules and associate certificates with drop-shipments and purchase orders for maximum coverage. CertCapture also supports single sign-on access, or SSO. Now, your users can leverage existing usernames and passwords to gain access to these tools.

Be audit ready

Used as an audit management platform, Avalara CertCapture empowers companies to face audits with confidence. Advanced reporting features allow anyone at your organization to understand audit risk within minutes, while a special portal allows your auditor to see only the certificates requested so you can close audits faster.

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