March 2024 Roundup: Tax laws you need to know 

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your tax compliance.  

Nuts and bolts 

Adventure awaits in Alabama. If House Bill 257 becomes law, Alabama taxpayers will enjoy a tax break on life vests, canoes, camping chairs, binoculars, and more. Learn about the proposed bill and what it means for businesses in the Yellowhammer State.

Innovations, tech trends, and insights. What else did Oracle CloudWorld attendees get from the Vegas conference? Find out how Oracle and Avalara are collaborating (and what it means for you).

Nixing the nexus threshold? Legislators in the Beehive State considered eliminating its 200-transactions economic threshold for remote sellers, but the bill ultimately did not pass. Utah isn’t the only state reconsidering transaction thresholds, however; 10 states have already done away with them, including Indiana and Wyoming.

Who pays sales tax? According to the Court of Appeals of South Carolina, Amazon is liable for unpaid sales tax on third-party sales from 2016. What else are marketplace facilitators responsible for?

Nonprofits Maine-ly exempt. Nonprofits in Maine might get a blanket sales tax exemption if Governor Janet Mills gets her way. Learn more about the policy that would replace the current “unusual, unfair, confusing, and inefficient” policy.

Taxability flip-flops. Sometimes managing sales tax is like trying to find the prize in a shell game. It can feel like as soon as you think you have product taxability figured out, states will change it up on you. Here are some of the wackier tax flip-flops we can think of.

Out of state, not out of mind. It’s an exciting small business moment when you get to ship your product to a customer in a new state. But at what point do you need to start collecting sales tax on these out-of-state sales?

Marketplaces 101. Shoppers love marketplaces, and retailers love how marketplaces help them reach more customers and boost sales. But that influx of new customers from around the country can complicate sales tax.

Oops. Sales tax can be complicated, taxability can be complex, rates are sometimes hard to track down. Basically, it can be easy to mess up. Here’s how to fix it if you do.

New tax rates are blooming. April in the U.S. means warmer weather (hopefully), colorful blooms growing up from muddy garden patches, and new sales tax rates. Ah, spring!

From the property tax desk

Personal property tax can be … taxing. Especially in California, Idaho, New Mexico, and a few other states. Find out what makes managing property taxes particularly challenging in these states. 

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