Excise tax

Grab the keys to automated tax calculations, signature-ready returns, and efficient exemptions.

Put your excise tax compliance on cruise control

You’re still in the driver’s seat with Avalara, but you’re in for a much smoother ride when it comes to managing excise tax thanks to our suite of solutions.

AvaTax Excise

Connects to your existing back-office systems to identify and calculate indirect taxes on petroleum transactions, including excise, environmental, and sales and use taxes, in the U.S. and Canada.

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Leave tax headaches in the dust

Get real-time calculations for established and emerging fuels, natural gas, and renewables from a powerful tax engine that’s updated at regular intervals.

Boost transparency

Easily respond to customer inquiries and auditors with instant access to data that supports your tax calculations and exemptions.

Free up resources

Significantly reduce the need for IT projects focused on rate and rule changes, tax reporting, and audit support.

Returns Excise Pro

Improves filing accuracy and ease with signature- and efile-ready excise tax returns, generated according to complex state rules.

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Straightforward filing

Import your data, and fix any errors Avalara detects. Review the returns we prepare, and file them online or by mail.

Comprehensive form library

Use official, state-approved forms for all your returns, schedules, and reports for compliance done right.

Easy record retrieval

Securely access your current and previously filed returns and schedules at any time — just log in to your account.

Returns Excise Enterprise

An effective, integrated solution to streamline the creation and filing of excise tax returns, sales and use tax returns, and terminal operator reports — all signature- and efile-ready, all from a single platform.

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Filing simplified

Automated data imports and workflows enable a single tax analyst to manage both excise tax and sales and use tax returns.

Improved tax accuracy

Automatic detection of invoicing or sales and use tax accrual errors results in more accurate returns.

Flexible reporting

Easily extract data for analysis or audit response at a moment’s notice.


Collect, verify, store, and track fuel licenses and exemption certificates from all your buyers and vendors securely in the cloud.

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Proactive renewals

Automated notices for expiring or invalid documents help keep forms current, with minimal effort on your part.

On-the-spot exemptions

Syncs with AvaTax Excise and Returns Excise Enterprise to map valid certificates to transactions and improve tax accuracy.

Ace the audit

Safe, secure digital storage lets you quickly retrieve certificates and licenses during an audit.

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