Excise tax

Grab the keys to automated excise tax calculations, signature-ready returns, efficient exemptions, and streamlined sales and use tax compliance.

Put your excise tax compliance on cruise control

Avalara keeps you in the driver’s seat while providing a much smoother ride. Designed for the energy supplier, distributor, retailer, terminal operator, and trader markets — as well as the tobacco and vape industries — we can help optimize processes and reduce excise tax risk. 

AvaTax Excise

Connects to your existing back-office systems to identify and calculate indirect taxes on a variety of energy and tobacco transactions, including excise, environmental, and sales and use taxes.

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End tax headaches 

Improve accuracy and lower your risk with real-time calculations for all markets, utilizing a powerful tax engine regularly updated with the latest rules and rates.

Boost transparency

Easily respond to customer inquiries and auditors with instant access to data that supports the rationale for tax calculations and exemptions.

Free up resources

Significantly reduce the need for your IT staff to work on rule and rate changes, tax reporting, and audit support.

Returns Excise

A complete, integrated solution to streamline the preparation and filing of excise tax, sales and use tax, and tobacco tax returns, as well as terminal operator reports — all ready for signature or e-file, from a single platform.

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Filing simplified

With automated data imports and workflows, a single tax analyst can manage preparation of both excise tax and sales and use tax returns.

Improved tax accuracy 

Returns Excise detects invoicing or sales and use tax accrual errors, minimizing negative audit results.

Flexible reporting

Ad hoc reports with detailed schedule data can be built with ease for analysis or audit response.

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